ASOPRS Spring Meeting Program

virtual meeting

Preliminary Program (subject to change)

Friday, June 25, 2021

5:30-6 pm central Visit the Spring Meeting Exhibitors 
6-8 pm central

  I wish we were in Hawaii video  
6-6:02 pm Welcome  
6:02-6:05 pm Intro: Spring ASOPRS 2021  
  YASOPRS Eye Openers   
Moderators: Kian Eftikhari, Allison Callahan
6:06-6:09 pm Precision Management of Lacrimal Gland Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma: Genome Sequencing and Apoptotic Markers to Assess Treatment Response to Intraarterial Cytoreductive Chemotherapy Men, Clara
6:09-6:12 pm A Case Series of Titanium T-plate as a Treatment in Acquired Nystagmus and Oscillopsia without a Null Zone Chen, Ying
6:12-6:15 pm Orbital Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Arising from Nasopharyngeal Salivary Gland Origin
North, Victoria
6:15-6:18 pm A Split-Face Comparison between OnabotulinumtoxinA and PrabotulinumtoxinA in Treatment of Glabellar Frown Lines
Zhang-Nunes, Sandy
6:18-6:26 Q&A/Discussion  
times are central    
  Eyelid Session  
Moderators: Steve Klapper, Lauren Gavaris
6:27-6:31 Change in Peri-operative Automated Perimetry among Patients with Glaucoma undergoing Functional Eyelid Surgery Ashraf, Davin
6:31-6:35 Postoperative Eyelid Edema Is Associated with Decreased Lymphatic Vessel Density
Bokman, Christine
6:35-6:39 Effect of Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty on the Ocular Surface, the Tear Film and the Corneal Microstructure Arat, Yonca
6:39-6:43 Novel treatment for cicatricial ectropion due anterior lamellar shortening due to solar elastosis
Victoria, Ana Carolina
6:43-6:53 Q&A/discussion  
  Orbital Trauma  
Moderators: Ray Cho, Steven Couch
6:54-6:58 pm Oculoplastic and Orbital Trauma During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Dryden, Stephen
6:58-7:02 pm Clinical Features and Treatment of Pediatric Orbital Roof Fractures Vik Durairaj
7:02-7:06 pm Nasoorbitoethmoid Fracture Management after Penetrating Facial Trauma
Levitt, Alexandra
7:06-7:16 pm Q&A/Discussion   
times are central    
  Pediatric Session  
Moderators: John Ng, Andrea Kossler
7:17-7:21 Single-stage blepharophimosis surgery using skin redraping method for medial epicanthoplasty and frontalis sling
Jaru-ampornpan, Pimkwan
7:21-7:25 Upper Eyelid Weight Placement for Pediatric Lagophthalmos: Single-Institution Experience of 11 Patients Christopher Dermarkarian
7:25-7:29 Rapidly Progressive Orbital Intravascular Papillary Endothelial Hyperplasia in a Preterm Newborn Plazola, Sara
7:29-7:39 Q&A/Discussion (10 mins)  
  Corneal Neurotization Updates Session  
Moderators: Alon Kahana, Rachel Sobel
7:40-7:44 pm
Bridging the Gap: Bringing the Basic Science of Nerve Regeneration to Clinical Practice
Stewart, Krista
7:44-7:48 pm Updated Experiences using Allografts and the Infraorbital Coaptation Approach Yen, Mike
7:48-7:58 pm Q&A/Discussion   
7:58-8 pm End of Session  

Saturday, June 26, 2021
10:30-11 am central Visit the Spring Meeting Exhibitors 

11 am - 2 pm central

  I wish we were in Hawaii video  
11-11:02 am Start Welcome Cat Burkat
  YASOPRS Eye Openers  
Moderators: David Samimi, Sophie Liao
11:03-11:06 am Corticotropin-repository injections as a systemic adjunctive treatment for ocular surface and adnexal complications of Stevens-Johnson syndrome or toxic epidermal necrolysis Kally, Peter
11:06-11:09 am The effects of aromatherapy on anxiety and pain in patients undergoing oculoplastic surgery: A pilot study. Jamie Schaefer
11:09-11:12 am Direct Mullerectomy Surgery with Internal Levator Plication: A Clampless Solution Eftekhari, Kian
11:12-11:20 am Q&A/Discussion   
times are central    
  TED update  
Moderators: Rona Silkiss, Mike Yen 
11:21-11:25 am Evolution of Proptosis Symmetry in Thyroid Eye Disease Tran, Ann
11:25-11:29 am Inhibition of fibrotic contracture by Sirolimus (Rapamycin) in an in vitro model of Thyroid Eye Disease and its implications for teprotumumab therapy Roos, Jonathan
11:29-11:33 am Noise-induced trauma resulting in sudden sensorineural hearing loss while on teprotumumab for thyroid eye disease Reed, Donovan
11:33-11:37 am Treatment of thyroid eye disease-associated ophthalmopathy and myopathy with intraorbital injection of 5-fluorouracil and triamcinolone acetonide Kupcha, Anna
11:37-11:41 am What are our Options for the Medical Management of Acute Thyroid Eye Disease? Stu Seiff
11:41-11:56 am Q&A/Discussion  
  Orbit Session  
Moderators: John Martin, Katherine Lane
11:57 am-12:01 pm Transorbital approaches to the skull base: an anatomic tool from 3D models for orbital surgeons Men, Clara
12:01-12:05 pm COVID-19 Associated Orbital Mucormycosis Pakdel, Farzad
12:05-12:09 pm Superior ophthalmic vein periphlebitis responsive to treatment with teprotumumab Roelofs, Kelsey
12:09-13: pm Transorbital approach to the middle cranial fossa- Surgical Pearls Cho, Ray
12:13-12:17 pm Pushing the boundary – A modified lateral orbital decompression with adjunctive temporal fossa implant Do, Thai
12:17-12:32 pm Q&A/Discussion  
times are central    
  Lower Eyelid FACE/OFF  
  Moderators: Nick Mahoney, Andy Harrison  
  Round 1: The Tear Trough   
12:34-12:37 pm Fillers Duerksen, Kathy
12:37-12:40 pm Fat Schwarcz, Rob
12:40-12:43 pm Cheek Implants Morgenstern, Ken
12:43-12:52 pm Referee comments/Q&A  Nick, Andy, Kathy, Rob, Ken
  Round 2: The Cicatrix   
12:52-12:55 pm Fat and Fillers Hartstein, Morris
12:55-12:58 pm Eyelid Implants Korn, Bobby
12:58-1:07 pm Referee comments/Q&A  Nick, Andy, Mo, Bobby
  Round 3: The Septum  
1:07-1:20 The Versatile Septum: Ignore It at Your Peril (13 mins) Joshi, Naresh
1:20-1:24 Leave it OPEN  Holds,John
1:24-1:34 Referee comments/Q&A  Nick, Andy, John, Naresh
  Minimally Invasive Facial Contouring   
Moderators: Ron Mancini, Ana Carolina Victoria
1:35-1:39 pm Temple Hollow: Tips to Follow Hwang, Cathy
1:39-1:43 pm Submalar cheeks and jaw: Lift the flaw Tarbet, Kristin
1:43-1:47 pm Fill the Chin: This is In Boxrud, Cynthia
1:47-1:51 pm Buccal Fat Debulking Douglas, Ray
1:51-1:59 pm Q&A/Discussion   
2-3 pm ASOPRS Business Meeting, New Member Inductions  

Sunday, June 27, 2021
10:30-11 am central Visit the Spring Meeting Exhibitors 

11 am - 2:40 pm central 

Moderators: Shannath Merbs, Bradford Lee
11:02-11:06 am Post-Operative Endonasal Debridement Improves Outcomes of Endoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy Homer, Natalie
11:06-11:10 am Canaliculitis with the Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Insert Williams, Katherine
11:10-11:14 am Infantile dacryoadenitis Choi, Catherine
11:14-11:22 am Q&A/Discussion   
11:22-11:23 am Aesthetics  
Moderators: Sandy Zhang Nunes, Sean Paul
11:23-11:27 am The effect of lighting and photograph exposure on perceived attractiveness Roelofs, Kelsey
11:27-11:31 am Revising Esthetic Double Fold Eyelid Surgery with Anterior Levator Resection, Anchor blepharoplasty and Crease Lowering Surgery.
Kenneth Steinsapir
11:31-11:35 am Sub-Eyebrow Blepharoplasty with Dermal Stacking to Fill the Superior Orbital Rim Hollow
Robert Goldberg
11:35-11:39 am Barbed Suture Fixation for Fat Transposition Lower Blepharoplasty Georgescu, Dan
11:39-11:49 am Q&A/Discussion   
times are central    
  Complex Congenital Deformities of the Eyelid: Panel  
  Moderator: Bill Katowitz  
11:50-11:51 am Case 1 Goldenhar, Eyelid Coloboma Bill Katowitz
11:51-11:56 am Panel Discussion/Q&A 
Panel: Louise Mawn, James Katowitz
11:56-11:57 am Case 2 Partial Cryptophthalmos Bill Katowitz
11:57 am-12:02 pm Panel Discussion/Q&A
Panel: Louise Mawn, James Katowitz
12:02-12:03 pm Case 3 Blepharophimosis Syndrome Bill Katowitz
12:03-12:08 pm Panel Discussion/Q&A 
Panel: Louise Mawn, James Katowitz
Moderators: Mark Lucarelli, Roxana Fu
12:09-12:13 pm Spectrum of spheno-orbital lesions: Diagnosis and presentation Ho, Tiffany
12:13-12:17 pm Vemurafenib in the Treatment of Orbital Erdheim-Chester Disease: A Review of Ophthalmic Findings and Clinical Outcomes
Ji Kwan (Jake) Park
12:17-12:21 pm Management of Scleral Necrosis After Treatment of Malignant Neoplasms: A Stepwise Approach to Repair Using Flaps and Grafts Fields, Taylor
12:21-12:29 pm Q&A/Discussion  
times are central    
  Oculofacial Tumor Board  
Moderators: Bita Esmaeli, Elizabeth Bradley
12:30-12:32 pm Case 1: Radionecrosis Fante, Rob
12:32-12:37 pm Panel Discussion/Q&A  Bita, Elizabeth, Rob, John, Hakan
12:37-12:39 pm Case 2: Hypoglobus reconstruction after radiotherapy Ng, John
12:39-12:44 pm Panel Discussion/Q&A Bita, Elizabeth, Rob, John, Hakan
12:44-12:46 pm Case 3: Recurrent ameloblastoma with flap failure Demirci, Hakan
12:46-12:51 pm Panel Discussion/Q&A  Bita, Elizabeth, Rob, John, Hakan
  Eyelid Session  
Moderators: Don Kikkawa, Christy Nelson
12:52-12:56 pm Managing the paretic lower eyelid with palmaris longus tendon sling
Bradley, Elizabeth
12:56-1 pm B-RAP – A New Surgical Technique for Post-Surgical Trachomatous Trichiasis Shannath Merbs
1:00-1:04 pm Early Eyelid Scar Remodeling with 5-Fluorouracil Injections in Burn Patients Do, Thai
1:04-1:08 pm Varying presentations of periocular Necrobiotic Xanthogranuloma Lahaie Luna
1:08-1:18 pm Q&A/Discussion   
  Tough Cases Session  
Moderators: Tamara Fountain, David Holck
1:19-1:23 pm Bilayer Dermal Substitute as a Vascularized Bed for Skin Grafting in Necrotizing Fasciitis Lyon, David
1:23-1:27 pm The 2020 Beirut Port Blast: Reflections on one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history
Alameddine, Ramzi
1:27-1:31 pm Diffuse Facial Inflammation and Lipogranulomas Secondary to Self-Injection of Baby Oil Cypen, Sanja
1:31-1:35 pm Angle Closure after Blepharoplasty Surgery Martin, John
1:35-1:45 pm Q&A/Discussion  
times are central    
  Practice Management
Moderators: Pete Setabutr, Amy Fowler
1:46-1:50 pm Covid-19 Implications for Oculofacial Plastic Surgeons: The Pandemic Effect on Clinical Volume in Private Practice, Academic and Public Hospital Environments: A Case Study in Los Angeles County
David Samimi
1:50-1:54 pm Gender and Editorship in Oculoplastics Societal Publications Edsel Ing
1:54-2:02 pm Risky CPT Business Neal Freeman
2:02-2:12 pm Q&A/Discussion   
2:12-2:15 Closing remarks  
ZOOM Rooms/Breakouts  
2:20:-2:40 Ask the Coders
Moderator: Jeff Edelstein
Neal Freeman, Molly Fuller
  Mastering Social Media for Your Practice
Moderator: Christina Choe
Sean Paul, Keshini Parbhu

From Cat Burkat, MD, Spring Meeting Program Chair:

I am calling out to you to send a very short (5-10 second) video or photo of yourself (separately or in groups) mimicking what you’d be doing in Hawaii (location of the cancelled 2021 Spring Meeting). Send .jpeg, .mov, .mp4 files to [email protected].

Ideas: flower shirts, shades, drinks with umbrellas, surfing; waving or quick comments encouraged.

Photos/videos will be compiled and included in the 2021 Virtual Meeting from June 25-27.

Thank you!