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2020 Spring Scientific Symposium Preliminary Program

Spring Meeting 2020 – Cancellation and Revision to Virtual Meeting
After thoughtful discussion that included the evolving nature of the COVID-19 crisis, current and projected scenarios, and our members’ anticipated situations, the Executive Committee has cancelled the 2020 Spring Meeting in Quebec City.

The Program Committee is pleased to announce we are working on a Virtual Spring Meeting. We will reach out shortly to abstract submitters and other invited speakers with more details. Stay tuned for more information!

The Executive Office will be processing full refunds for registration, and social and recreational events. For those with hotel reservations, the Fairmont has cancelled your reservation/obligation.

Program Highlights

  • ASOPRS Invited Speakers 
  • Online Question & Answer sessions, interactive for all
  • Online Video and Poster sessions
  • Sessions covering  oncology, aesthetics, eyelid, orbit, pediatric, lacrimal, difficult cases, and practice management
  • A virtual Exhibit Hall

Friday, June 26 – TED Update
7-9 pm eastern, 6-8 pm central, 5-7 pm mountain, 4-6 pm pacific

Jonathan Dutton: "Basic Introduction to TED: Pathophysiology, Evaluation, and Clinical Findings"
Peter Dolman:  “Assessment and Management of Dysthyroiid Optic Neuropathy”
Mike Kazim: "Has the Age of Targeted Therapy for TED Arrived?"
Ray Douglas:  "Teprotumumab Update"
Don Kikkawa:  "Surgical Management in TED"
Jennifer Sivak: "Case Presentations with Audience Discussion"

Saturday, June 27 – General Session 
12-3 pm eastern, 11 am - 2 pm central, 10 am - 1 pm mountain, 9 am - noon pacific 

12-12:05 pm Welcome Opening Remarks Mark Lucarelli MD, President ASOPRS, Thomas Johnson MD, ASOPRS Spring Program Chair

YASOPRS Rapid Fire Cases and Presentations
12:07-12:11 pm Epstein, Romaña Sign: An Uncommon Cause of Periorbital Erythema
12:11-12:15 pm Cypen, Orbit Microscopic Polyangiitis with Concomitant Orbital Mass and Uveal Effusion Angle Closure
12:15-12:19 pm Gadzala, Sinus Pericranii with Orbital Involvement:  A Case Report and Review of Literature
12:19-23 pm Blessing, Our experience repairing orbital fractures with a commercially available pre-contoured hybrid titanium/porous polyethylene implant
12:23-12:31 pm Discussion 

12:33-12:38 pm Kossler, Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors for Orbital and Periorbital Basal Cell Carcinoma: Long Term Analysis of Clinical Response and Recurrence
12:38-12:43 pm Lee, Proton Beam Therapy for Granular Cell Tumor of the Orbit
12:43-12:48 pm Homer, Acute Post-Partum Vision Loss due to Pilocytic Astrocystoma
12:48-1:00 pm Discussion 

ASOPRS Foundation Ralph E. Wesley, MD Lecture
1:02-1:05 pm: Introduction of Lecture and Dr. Kahana, Jan Kronish, ASOPRS Foundation Board Chair
1:05 pm-1:25 pm: ASOPRS Foundation Ralph E. Wesley, MD Lecture: Alon Kahana  Setting Up an Investigator Trial for a Drug or a Device:  Lessons Learned
1:25-1:32 pm Discussion

1:34-1:39 pm Pakdel, Contributing Factors to Outcome of Optic Nerve Sheath Fenestration in Patients with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension
1:39-1:44 pm Kalin-Hajdu, T-cell Prolymphocytic Leukemia Masquerading as Thyroid Associated Orbitopathy
1:44-1:49 pm van Landingham, Orbital Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis: 10-year Experience and Literature Review
1:49-1:59 pm Discussion 

2:01-2:06 pm Beaulieu, Radioactive Iodine and the Development of Thyroid Eye Disease
2:06-2:11 pm Pakdel, Efficacy of Anti-TNF-alpha agents in Active Thyroid Eye Disease
2:11-2:16 pm Charlson, Artificial Intelligence for Thyroid-Associated Ophthalmopathy Development in Patients with Graves Disease or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Deep Neural Network Prognostic Risk Assessment
2:16-2:26 pm Discussion 

2:28-2:33 pm Epstein, Conjunctiva-Sparing Posterior Ptosis Surgery
2:33-2:38 pm Mokhtarzadeh, Restrictive Strabismus Restrictive Strabismus as a Presenting Sign of Jones tube Associated Atypical Mycobacterial Infection
2:38-2:43 pm Erickson, The Superficial Temporal Artery as ‘Biologic Jones Tube’: A Cadaveric Proof of Concept
2:43-2:48 pm Gur, Solitary Fibrous Tumor of the Lacrimal Sac in a Pediatric Patient
2:48-3 pm Discussion 

3 pm General Session Adjourn

3-4 pm Business Meeting

4-5 pm YASOPRS Round Tables 

Sunday, June 28 General Session
12-3 pm eastern, 11 am - 2 pm central, 10 am - 1 pm mountain, 9 am - noon pacific 

12-12:01 pm Welcome 

YASOPRS Rapid Fire Cases and Presentations
12:01-12:05 pm Homer, Eyelid ecthyma gangrenosum in an immunocompromised patient
12:05-12:09 pm van Landingham, Rectus Muscle Mass in the Setting of Long-standing Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis and Dabrafenib Treatment
12:09-12:14 pm Discussion 

12:14-12:26 pm: Invited ASOPRS speaker Dave Reifler, “Columbus Discovered the LPS”
12:26-12:30 pm Discussion 

Eyelid Session
12:32-12:37 pm Williams, Rates of ptosis and success of ptosis repair following ophthalmic surgery
12:37-12:42 pm Reed, Acute reconstruction of partial-thickness periocular burns with simultaneous epidermal/dermal autografting and amniotic membrane grafting  
12:42-12:47 pm Sweeney, Outcomes after Muller muscle conjunctival resection versus external levator advancement in severe involutional blepharoptosis
12:47-12:52 pm Pakdel, Concurrent Tumors: Sebaceous Gland Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma
12:52-12:57 pm Plazola, Intense Pulse Light as a New Treatment for Distichiasis and Trichiasis
12:57-1:06 pm Discussion 

1:08-1:18 pm: Invited ASOPRS Speaker Chad Zatezelo, “Periocular Laser, Lights, Injectables, and Surgery for Scar Therapy”
1:18-1:23 pm Discussion 

Aesthetics Session
1:25-1:30 pm Homer, Autologous Fat Transfer Harvest Site Complications: Incidence, Risk Factors and Management
1:30-1:35 pm Zhang-Nunes,  Evaluating the response of expired fillers to hyaluronidase and bacterial culture
1:35-1:40 pm Lee, Reconstructive Fat Transfer to the Orbit and Periocular Region
1:40-1:50 pm Discussion 

Difficult Cases
1:52-1:57 pm Migliori, An Unusual Occult Orbital Foreign Body
1:57-2:02 pm Cho, Difficult case - orbital reconstruction following resection of sinonasal malignancy
2:02-2:10 pm Discussion 

Practice Management
2:12-2:17 pm Beaulieu, The impact of social media, internet searches, and a practice’s website on an oculoplastics practice: economic patterns of self-referred patients
2:17-2:22 pm Barmettler, Building your brand: analysis of successful oculoplastic surgeons on social media
2:22-2:28 pm Discussion 

2:30-3 pm Practice Management Panel 
2:30-2:36 pm Mark Lucarelli, “Lean principles in the office- one Team’s journey”
2:36-2:48 pm Alon Kahana and JD Perry, “Harnessing the Potential of Physician Extenders in Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery.”
2:48-2:54 pm Vikram Durairaj, “Surgeon owned Medical Spa - Lessons learned over 2 decades”
2:54 - 3 pm Discussion 

3:02 -3:17 pm Electronic Medical Records Gone Bad:  How Auto-Populate can Land You in Court and other Misadventures with EMR (OMIC discount provided to attendees) 
Ron Pelton 
3:17-3:27 pm Discussion

3:27-3:30 pm Closing Remarks

3:30 pm Adjourn

**other resources available virtually: surgical videos, posters,**