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ASOPRS is pleased to present educational offerings throughout the year, in addition to our Spring and Fall Meetings.

The Oculofacial Podcast

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Recent Podcast Episodes

May 6, 2024: Creating an Exceptional Patient Experience in Your Aesthetic Practice
April 26, 2024: Journal Club: March/April Issue of OPRS
April 7, 2024: Unveiling the Post Upper Blepharoplasty Syndrome

March 25, 2024: Journal Club: January/February Issue of OPRS

March 13, 2024: The Art of Brow Lifting: Creating the Perfect Lift for Every Patient

March 5, 2024: Journal Club: November/December Issue of OPRS
Feb. 17, 2024: Life After Training: Find the Right Job & Negotiate a Fair Contract
Feb. 5, 2024: Insights from the 2023 ASOPRS Fall Meeting

Jan. 15, 2024: Reflections on a Year as ASOPRS President with Dr. Richard Allen

Nov. 13, 2023: Journal Club - Predictability and Risk Factors in Orbital Surgery for Cavernous Venous Malformations
Oct. 26, 2023: Journal Club - Recurrence and Surveillance Strategies for Orbital Basal Cell Carcinoma
Oct. 8, 2023: Dr. Hartstein and Dr. Eshetu Discusses Global Ophthalmology in Ethiopia with Dr. Cat Burkat
Aug. 29, 2023: Journal Club with Dr. Julie Woodward
July 31, 2023: Journal Club with Dr. Alison H. Watson
July 17, 2023: Corneal Neurotization: A Game-Changing Treatment for Neurotrophic Keratitis
July 2, 2023: Face and Neck Lifting Part 02 of 02
June 26, 2023: Face and Neck Lifting Part 01 of 02
June 12, 2023: Practicing Oculoplastic Surgery In the US Military