Fall Meeting Abstract Submission 

Dear Esteemed Colleagues, 

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in this uncertain time. 

You are invited to submit abstracts for ASOPRS 51st Annual Fall Scientific Symposium2020: Vision for the Future.

Our goal is to create an exciting meeting where we can see each other again, share our experiences and research, and look toward the future. 

Please submit your abstracts by June 29 at 2 pm CST. 

We look forward to reviewing your innovative ideas.

Stay safe and healthy. 


Catherine J. Hwang, MD FACS
Fall Meeting Program Chair

Cat N. Burkat, MD FACS
Assistant Fall Meeting Program Chair 



1) The first author or a co-author of each abstract submission must be an ASOPRS Member or Candidate Member in good standing. If the ASOPRS member is a co-author, s/he must have made a significant contributionto the abstract submission. The first author is expected to be the presenting author.

2) It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure that all authors have consented to be listed as authors and the financial disclosures represent all authors. Changes to the authors are not allowed after submission.

3) Abstracts (including oral presentations, posters and videos) must be original and not previously presented or published prior to the 2020 Fall Scientific Symposium

4) General Dual Submission Policy: Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery continues to have the right of first refusal for manuscripts derived from podium presentations at the ASOPRS Fall Scientific Symposium. Therefore, submission to any other organization that also claims right of first refusal for manuscripts is prohibited. IMPORTANT!! Violation of this rule will result in a 2-year ban from presenting in ASOPRS meetings, or may otherwise negatively impact future participation.

AAO Annual Meeting Dual Submission Policy: Authors who submit their work dually to the AAO Annual Meeting and the ASOPRS Fall Scientific Symposium, and have their work accepted to present at both meetings, may present their work at both. The AAO will retain copyright and first right of refusal. ASOPRS will waive the copyright and permit presentation at the ASOPRS Fall Scientific Symposium as part of its educational mission.

5) All rights other than copyright (e.g. patent rights) are the authors’, including the right to reproduce original figures and tables from this item in future works, provided full credit is given to the original publication.

6) The abstract should not contain libelous or unlawful statements nor infringe on the rights of others. If excerpts from copyrighted works are included, written permission must be secured by the authors and proper credit given

7) It is required that the author(s) obtain patient consent if using photographs or videos in their presentation.

8) ASOPRS Rules and Regulations state that members who participate or are involved in a non-ASOPRS or ACGME-accredited oculofacial plastic surgery fellowship training program may not present at an ASOPRS meeting. By your submission—regardless of acceptance—you are attesting that you are a member in good standing, are abiding by the ASOPRS Bylaws, and are not participating in an unaccredited ASOPRS or ACGME fellowship.

9) Employees of ACCME-defined commercial interests participating as abstract authorsis prohibited except in the specific situations specified here. Any author fitting the definition of an employee of a commercial interest MUST meet one of these exceptions to be included in the program.